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Advisors and small business owners.  Join one of our in-person or online workshops to help you achieve even more success. They’re designed to help you simplify your business, advise more, and live better. Topics include: banishing burnout, niching, ideal client profile, business and marketing planning, designing a dream board, and many more.

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Working with Meeting Planners, Conference Producers, Association Executives, IBDs, & Financial Firms, we help your employees and members to grow, personally and professionally. Provide your audience with customized in-person workshops delivered to your preferred location. Up the value by adding some event coaching hours. Or ask us to conduct an online webinars that meet your goals.

Add Extra Value

Maria automatically will give you a few handouts to reproduce for the event.  She also provides an assessment you can pass along to members of your team or audience before the event.   She’s also interview at least 3 of your audience and two executives so that her workshop is fully customized.

Ask Maria for these other value addeds, too!

  1. To host an afternoon of 1:1 or group coaching for your team or members. She can do this at your event location or virtually, if she created a webinar program for your event.
  2. For permission to tape the event and make it evergreen for your teams or audience’s future use.
  3. To write an article or conduct an interview for your magazine or blog on the topic you’ve asked her to speak on.
  4. To create a resource page for your members.  It will include downloads, articles on the topic, and other such items.


Helping advisors simplify business, advise more, and live better.
What they say about us

Our entire committee was engrossed by and appreciated Maria’s Banishing Burnout workshop. We usually thank our presenter and move on, but not with this presentation. It elicited such dialogue between our committee members! I had not heard such a response before. I know other CPAs and CPA advisers would enjoy and value this workshop because we got so much out of it.

Michael Eisenberg, CPA/PFS, Partner, Miller Ward & Company CPAs

Michael Eisenberg

Maria’s workshop for the CACPA/PFS on Banishing Burnout was an insightful and productive event. After speaking with a few of our members, she customized the program specifically for us and hit the mark. She also provided us with a variety of simple tools to help us go from feeling burned out to energized. I enjoyed her no-excuses coaching style.

Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Principal, Salvini Financial Planning & President, CACPA/PFS

Brooke Salvini

Some speakers only give their set talk.  Maria’s approach is a lot more personal.  As the conference organizer, I really enjoyed her preparation; it showed me she really cared about making her workshop relevant to our group.  I liked the interaction Maria had with the advisors; she has been in the financial services industry and understands how it works and the pressures financial advisors feel.  Financial professionals need to think about planning and how they’re going to grow their business.  They want to have definite takeaways—and Maria provided these.  You can always hear something at a conference that sounds good at the time, but if you don’t really get on it right away, you lose it. Maria’s simple worksheets and lists were very valuable; they gave us a jumpstart after the conference.  Maria clearly said beforehand that she wouldn’t be a rah-rah motivational speaker—that that she was more practical—and that’s what I appreciated the most.

Some speakers only give their set talk, which participants could find relevant or not.  Maria’s approach is a lot more personal.  Maria interviewed some of the participants ahead of time to get a feel for the audience.  As an organizer, I really enjoyed her preparation; it showed me she really cared about giving her workshop and being relevant to the group.

Some coaches can be very philosophical, but Maria is very practical.  I would like to emphasize how practical she is.  Financial advisors need to think about planning and how they’re going to grow their business.  They want to have definite takeaways.  Maria’s simple worksheets and lists were very valuable; they gave us a jump-start after the conference.

Maria makes sure the group gets what it needs and does an excellent job with the prep work.  She was very orderly and timely.  She spent a lot of time in the conference and got a feel for what was happening with the group, rather than just being there for her talk and then leaving.  She really listened to the group and participated.

Joanne Woiteshek

Meet our team

Christine Mifsud

Chris Mifsud, loves helping businesses grow through effective marketing strategies that’s powered by persuasive communication.  Since 2007, she’s worked for me, and helped our client’s stand out from the crowd, websites rank higher in search engines, office events expand to standing-room only, and client numbers climb.

Using a distinct blend of “writing for people” mixed with “writing for computers” she tells unique stories through websites, blogs, articles, bios, emails, and speaking engagements.

Chris is a Certified Speaker for Constant Contact and has won their All-Star Award three times (so far).  This award that recognizes the performance of the top 10% of over 600,000 customers.  She also speaks about powerful writing and marketing techniques and has a BA Degree from the University of Michigan.