Banish Burnout!

Banish Personal Burnout: Boost Your Efficiency, Effectiveness & Energy

How do you typically end your day? Is your cup of gratitude full for having accomplished what you set out to do? Or is it empty, leaving you burned out, overwhelmed, and ruminating about a to-do list that continues to grow?

This workshop offers practical personal development and time management techniques you can use immediately to regain control over a business that’s running your life.

You’ll be provided with the tools to build new personal and business habits. Daily rituals and systems help us reach our goals and live better more quickly. Kick overwhelm to the curb and live better. Attack your to-do list with a re-energized attitude.

Leave this interactive personal development workshop with action steps that will help you discover what’s holding you back and banish burnout for good. You will:

  1. Identify the symptoms of burnout (some will surprise you).
  2. Determine your tolerations and discover why they drain your energy.
  3. Reenergize your life as you learn to live by design rather than by default.


“Maria’s workshop for the CACPA/PFS on Banishing Burnout was an insightful and productive event. After speaking with a few of our members, she customized the program specifically for us and hit the mark. She also provided us with a variety of simple tools to help us go from feeling burned out to energized. I enjoyed her no-excuses coaching style.”
Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Principal, Salvini Financial Planning
President, CACPA/PFS

Banish Burnout Testimonials

"It’s very prevalent in the financial industry for speakers to do a survey and then present an analysis. In the Banishing Burnout workshop, Maria digs into real issues as opposed to talking about a control group or waxing on about a survey. She conducted a hands-on workshop that didn’t talk about hypotheticals—she put us to work on real issues that pertain to our lives.

The Life Full-Fillment Index we completed gave me pause for thought. It was simple, but elegant. I knew I had to make some changes, but this exercise brought them more into my awareness.

Maria got to the heart of the matter pretty quickly. There may have been a level of discomfort, but that’s where the exercises she provides and additional self-analysis come into play. I found her presentation refreshing and different.

Gregory Desmond, CPA/PFS, CFP®
President, Desmond Wealth Management, Inc.
CACPA/PFS Practice Mgmt. Planning Sub-committee Chair

Banish Business Burnout: Boost Your Efficiency, Effectiveness & Profit

If you’ve been practicing your profession for years, chances are you haven’t altered your success strategies very much. Executing those strategies worked to get you where you are now; however, slowly (but surely), the effectiveness of your methods have declined.

How long HAS it been since you’ve felt on your game? Do you wish you could eliminate overwhelm, feel better about your business operations, and advise more? Do you want to feel more full-filled at the end of each day?

Whether you’re a seasoned advisor or new to the financial industry, it’s always motivating to build a foundation of proven success systems and watch them boost your profit margin.

Leave this interactive business development workshop with action steps that will help you simplify your business, be more profitable, and banish burnout for good. You will:

  1. Learn S.Y.S.T.E.M.S. to re-energize your business and improve your profit.
  2. Harness the power of a niche to connect with better clients and referrals.
  3. Manage your marketing effectiveness when you define your ideal client.