LinkedIn Demystified

Leveraging The Power of Linkedin: The Secrets of Successful Relationship-Building & Prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkedInThink about the last time you visited your LinkedIn® account. Did you spend your time well? Or did you play around with your profile, accepting (and sending) random invitations to connect?

Social media can waste a lot of your time — if you don’t use your accounts with a deliberate plan in mind.

LinkedIn is the largest online network of decision-makers with incomes of $100K+ in the world. 150 million members create a powerful social networking site primarily of B2B (business to business) companies and many corporate executives.

LinkedIn is, but the TIME you spend using it incorrectly (and the opportunities you miss) cost you dearly!

Don’t waste another minute aimlessly surfing LinkedIn when you could be targeting your next great contact or client! Join me in my next information-packed workshop, where I’m sharing all my time-saving and business-boosting LinkedIn strategies!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Develop prospects on LinkedIn
  • Avoid wasting your precious time and target your ideal clients
  • Find new alliance partners or connect with former colleagues
  • Deepen connections with your former clients
  • Integrate Twitter and Facebook without feeling "social media overload"
  • Gain credibility as an expert in your field

…and the #1 way to get found on LinkedIn, PLUS 14 easy-to-use advanced features that maximize your effectiveness on LinkedIn!

Step 1: Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Accelerate both word-of-mouth and referrals for your business using a variety of LinkedIn’s features. It starts when you COMPLETE your LinkedIn Profile with Maria’s step-by-step help. There are 15 key areas that maximize the effectiveness of your profile–and she’ll walk you through each one!!

By the end of this workshop, your LinkedIn Profile will be working for you 24/7!

Stop "collecting" connections and leverage the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so much more than a big database of resumes. It’s the largest online business network and a free tool for building relationships and moving prospects through your pipeline. It’s also a place you can give and ask for advice, collaborate, find resources, and locate professional opportunities.

LinkedIn is the largest, most powerful, online network of decision-makers with incomes of $100K+ in the world. Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn to succeed in business today? It’s free to use, so start building warm leads and professional relationships now.

Social media can be a big waste of time — if you don’t focus or are inconsistent.

Using LinkedIn "Maria’s way" produces results faster. Why do it on your own when Maria has spent years developing strategies that work? She’s sharing ALL of her biggest secrets and answering all your questions!

Don’t risk a bad first impression

An incomplete or boring LinkedIn profile sabotages your networking, business, or career development efforts. Just like any marketing tool used incorrectly, it can also destroy the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Don’t let this no-cost networking tool go to waste! We’ll show you how to liven up your profile so that it’s working for you and your business–even while you sleep! It all starts when you complete your profile.

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Step 2: Get Feedback From Your Peers

Your peers (as well as Maria) will give you recommendations on the profile you’ve developed.

Step 3: Boosting Your LinkedIn Savvy – Become Highly Connected

Once you’ve created a compelling profile, make valuable new connections using any one of the 14 advanced features such as Groups, News, Applications, Signal, and much more.

We’ll also go over all the settings behind the what you see on LinkedIn so that you have as much privacy as you desire, get the emails you want, etc.

LinkedIn is the largest, most powerful, online network of decision-makers in the world. Are you taking advantage of LinkedIn to succeed in business today? Start building warm leads and professional relationships now, for free!

Integrate LinkedIn with Your Marketing Plan

LinkedIn gives your business and marketing efforts a turbo-charge! From brainstorming with colleagues, to finding new contacts, and cross marketing; we’ll show you how to make the most of everything LinkedIn has to offer. You’ll learn exactly where to find the best answers and resources from professionals across the globe.

Discover how you can build credibility online, create valuable partnerships, and reach ideal clients faster. Become highly connected. Make LinkedIn an essential part of your networking mix!

Step 4: Integrating Off Line & Online Networking and Marketing

Maria will create this class based on the types of businesses who register for the program. She’ll give you real-life examples of how to use LinkedIn to market your business. But more importantly, she’ll reveal her most effective strategies for authentically reaching out to people you meet at networking groups, prospects, clients, strategic partners and more. And during this session, all your questions about integrating LinkedIn with marketing and networking will be answered, in full!

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During this program you will:

  • Understand why every business owner, executive, and non-profit director MUST create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Master the 15+ ways you can use LinkedIn — marketing that won’t cost you a dime.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions for creating an attention-getting profile.
  • Avoid violations that could get your profile "shut down".
  • Discover how to easily use LinkedIn as your first website (in case you’re an executive or don’t have a website–yet)!
  • Develop your status as an expert.
  • Expand your brand and increase your visibility with social networking.
  • Discover how to connect with targeted contacts and build new relationships.
  • Grow your business by helping others and yourself at the same time.
  • Maria will divulge every shortcut she knows, including how to stand out as the expert in your field AND how to communicate with hundreds of LinkedIn users in just a few minutes.
  • Receive audios of each session on the day of the session.

Join us on four consecutive Wednesdays starting the November 6, 2013
9am to 10am PST / 10am to 11am MST / 11am to 12pm CST / 12pm to 1pm EST

Audios will be sent to each student after each session.


As soon as you join, you’ll receive 2 bonus audios of Maria’s general social networking classes, an overview of LinkedIn, and two LinkedIn classes conducted in 2010. PLUS, you’ll receive class notes, resources Maria uses personally, and other goodies to show you everything you need to know about growing your business with LinkedIn.


Each participant will receive Maria’s exclusive template with built-in profile building instructions. Using this template, you won’t miss important areas of you profile or waste time re-writing due to character limits. This is the most prepared you can be to write your profile fast–with the best results. Plus, financial professionals will appreciate the ability to run a dated sample to meet Compliance regulations and receive approval from your Compliance department.


You’ll get email coaching with Maria during the program. You can ask questions, ask me to visit your profile, or whatever other questions you have about the work you’re doing during the program.

Your Investment

$399 per person

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How It Works

  • Get online to take the classes or listen afterwards.
  • Take your own notes, plus we’ll supply you with some general notes, too.
  • Each week, take what you’ve learned and execute it!
  • Between classes, you’ll get my private email address for LinkedIn® email coaching with me, Maria!

So mark your calendar, join us, and make your LinkedIn Profile work for you 24/7!

About the Trainer

Maria Marsala is an award-winning Accountability Coach, Speaker, Author and former Wall Street Trader.
She works with high-achieving business owners committed to creating businesses that serve their lives. Maria’s profile has been on LinkedIn since 2004. Download your free three-part “Business Check-up” Assessment and sign up for FOCUS! ezine with business and marketing tips at

Visit Maria on LinkedIn here

Teetering on the Edge?

If you’re considering taking the program but don’t know the quality of the advice, resources and support we offer, sign up for our profile overview audio sneak peek. Click on the Sneak Preview Link near the top of this page.

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