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How To Establish Your Expertise, Become a Published Author, Bring Loads of Pre-Qualified Prospects To Your Website AND Turn Your Knowledge Into Cash Using Article Marketing

This program is currently available on a CD and it can be delivered at your site, or virtually.
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Perfect for business owners and infopreneurs who are ready to bring pre-qualified clients to their web sites and turn their knowledge into profit.

It’s scary. You sit at your desk facing a completely blank sheet of paper. That desolate wasteland of white space just daring you to fill the page with your words. Or perhaps you’ve felt the discomfort of staring at your computer screen, the cursor taunting you with that incessant blink…blink…blink.

If you’ve ever put off the overwhelming task of writing an article because you don’t know what to write about, how to get started, or what to do, you are going to love this.

Skyrocket your business from mediocre to exceptional using articles

  • RECOGNIZE THE POWER OF BEING A RECOGNIZED EXPERT: How would you like to go from "anonymous" to "expert"? You can by using articles to market your service business.
  • ATTRACT MORE AND BETTER CLIENTS: Would you like to attract pre-qualified visitors and potential sales to your web site? By posting your article to your web site and article banks, this too can happen.
  • INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC: Did you know that when articles are placed on web sites, they provide a boost in search engine rankings AND automatically link other web sites to YOUR site? Writing articles is a surefire way to target potential clients by significantly increasing traffic to your web site! We can show you how.
  • CREATE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF SMALL BUSINESS INCOME: Turn your articles into income generating ebooks, classes, teleseminars, audios, CDs and more!

I know they work. Because I submitted articles on the Internet since 1999 and am known as an Article Marketing Pioneer!

  • My articles have appeared in publications on 4 continents and in Women’s World, Consulting Today, Today’s Careers, to name a few magazines.
  • For three years I was a monthly magazine columnist. I was recommended to the position by one of my ezine subscribers!
  • Brian Judd, author and producer of "Meet The Authors", A Connecticut TV show interviewed me about writing ebooks.
  • My articles have appeared in more than 50 ezines, as well as helped us get appearances on SBTV, and various radio
  • My ideas and articles have appeared in 4 books!
  • OH.. and I gained ezine subscribers, link popularity, and new clients who found me through my articles, too!
"As usual, you provided GREAT value to all of us! Your experience with article writing showered wisdom all over anyone
listening to the call!" Suzanne Holman, AZ, Leadership and Life Exuberance Coach

Yes, it was all because of an article I wrote and someone found it.

That’s not all. You can turn your articles and new found famousness into informational products like Teleseminars, workshops, ebook’s, CDs, etc. Or maybe you’ll be asked to speak at conferences, retreats and collaborate with others, too!

Never wrote an article in your life? This course is for you!

I was so inspired after the class ended, that I started writing right away. France Robinson
Your Teleseminars inspired me to write an article and outline five more. I did it!
I had my first article submitted to article banks and it was published on a web site the very next day! Wayne McDonald,
You answered questions I didn’t know how to find the answers for. Lenora Boyle,

Is this program for you?

  • You’ve never written an article in your life, don’t think you know how to, and you want to become known in your field.
  • You want to make more money, become known as an expert in your field, and you’d like to know what to do with the articles you’ve written.
  • You are an aspiring writer, who wants to be "known" as an expert in areas such as business, marketing, computers, Internet, home, women’s issues, health, holistic practices or more.

You will enjoy a complete, stand-alone program.

Have you ever attended a seminar only to learn that it was a lead-in to the sale of more expensive product or services? Not here. This is a stand-alone program. You’ll receive everything necessary and leave this seminar with the knowledge of how to write lots of article people will want to read and the resources to publish your article on the Internet and in magazines.

  • 14 Ways To Become a Prolific Writer.
  • Use Articles to Market Your Services: Give Them Away For Free!?!
  • Article Banks are Internet Marketing Gold (an article with 15 article banks links)
  • My Article’s Done – Now What? Promoting Your Business With Articles
  • Why Business Owners Should Keep the Rights to Their Articles
  • What Does It Look Like? How to Format Your Articles for Submission
  • How To Keep Track Of Articles – Or Not
  • 23 Ways To Promote Your Business When Your Passion is Writing
  • Attachment "A" – Sample of Article Submission Format
  • You’ll be placed on an email list and, if in the future, I update the notes, you’ll receive them for no extra cost!
..excellent job on the call – your interactive style was relaxed and informative.
It’s obvious that you know your material extremely well and that you are generous with your information.
Your strength shines through from many directions! Lorraine Arams, Director,

You will NOT be one of 100’s on the call

My goal is to provide you with as much individual attention and value as is humanly possible. As a student of Elevating Your Business U, I want you to leave the call with all your questions answered. So, as soon as 10 students apply for this course, I will stop registration and schedule another class. There will not be more than 10 students in the class, unless students who have previously paid for the program, retake it. You may also retake the class any time it is offered – even years after you first took it!

What you’ll receive

  • 90-minute Teleseminars. Well, it’s really more than a class. You’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered!
  • A comprehensive ebook "Article Power" that you’ll receive as soon as you register.
  • Four Mp3 audios on a variety of topics related to creating or promoting your business using articles,


Bonus Gift #1

You may take the Teleseminars a second time and pay no additional tuition at all!

Bonus Gift #2

You’ll be placed on a special email list where you’ll receive updates to the ebook whenever they’re available (An endless value!)

Bonus Gift #3

You’ll receive the page where you can download the ebook and audios, of course, AND we’ll deliver a CD to your doorstep, too.
*Note: We do not ship CDs outside the USA for free.

Bonus Gift #4

You’ll receive current news or resources on the subject, and information on pricing issues at no additional cost. (Priceless if it were available for sale!)

So register today, read the notes and bring your questions to the class or email me the questions before the session!

Only 7 Seats Are Left

As I said above, I allow only 10 future profit-savvy business owners to be in on one of the most worthwhile business Teleseminars you will ever attend!

Wishing you the best of success,

Women Business At Work

P.S. By the time you get through with our " Marketing Using Articles Strategies," you’ll want to kick
yourself for not taking it sooner.
But don’t worry about it. You’ll be miles ahead of all the other people who waited too long to sign up. So go ahead and register today.

P.S.S. You might be able to invest in your business education and get a tax write-off.
(Obviously, you’ll want to call your CPA or accountant for specific tax advice… but I wanted to give you the idea. So call them now.)

Details About This Workshop

  • Date:January 25 and February 1, 2011
  • Time: noon PST / 3pm EST
  • Place: Your Home or Office, this is a Teleseminars

Remember: You do not have to wait to attend the calls in order to market using articles. You have plenty of audios to learn from.
Once you register, you’ll be able to download the ebook, resources and the Mp3 audio.
Plus, after you attend a class, you’ll receive a lifetime of ebook updates AND — remember — you’ll be able to retake the Teleseminars again for free.

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So register today, read the notes and bring your questions to the class or email me the questions before the session!

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