Are you a member of the media looking to interview Maria?

Please contact her by phone or text at 1-360-271-8418.

Maria is available to speak and be interviewed by media outlets involved in the financial industry. Topics include life and business/practice management such as: banishing burnout, niching, creating ideal client profile, systematizing, business best practices, marketing smarter online or off-line, using technology, trends, and other areas relating to running a financial firm that can run without you.

She is also available for radio and television interviews as well as for quotes for articles or reports you’re writing when they pertain to the financial industry. Additionally, Maria  writes articles, chapters of books, speaks internationally, and talks virtually at events such as webinars, teleconferences, summits, conferences, and private workshops.



Maria Marsala is CEO of Elevating Your Business, a private consultative-coaching and speaking firm with offices in WA and NY. She’s also an author, geek, and veteran financial executive. As a consultative-coach, she guides seasoned financial advisors to simplify business, advise more, and live better. To receive Maria’s twice-monthly productivity tips email and complimentary business growth assessments and videos, visit

Maria Marsala is founder of Elevating Your Business and publisher of the financial advisor’s Marketing With Integrity Blog. Follow Maria on Twitter at @mariamarsala or visit her website at