Strategically Acquire More Clients

Grow Your Business with More Clients You Enjoy and Who Value Your Services

Do you feel as though you’re being pulled in too many directions – all the time?

Are you losing sleep because you’re worried that you’re under delivering on your firm’s promise?

Do you think that your current business model can’t sustain significant or any more growth?

When someone asks you what you do for fun, do you say what time?

Growth creates its own set of challenges. The Mastering Profitability program will provide you with a new toolbox full of resources and support to strengthen your firm’s foundation. It will help you simplify your business, which in turn will allow you to advise more and live better.

During this comprehensive program, you will execute action steps to assure that you’re working with the right clients, delivering the services you promise clients (and yourself), and you will stop letting your best clients carry your “less than ideal” client’s profitability wise. And finally, we will show you how to find more ideal clients who will pay you what you deserve on time, love your work and sing your praises to their friends through referrals!

Ideal client focus: Top performers know what types of clients they want to work with and what types of clients are a good match with the practice’s philosophy and approach. They are disciplined about when and why they make exceptions and don’t chase markets or clients that might dilute their focus.
–Ameriprise Financial, White Paper, Sept. 2011


No matter if you’re a seasoned advisor, as most of our clients are, or new to the industry, this program will have a valuable effect on your business. Who your clients are impacts your current and future production, your staff, and your personal life.

Seasoned advisors, sales professionals, and other small business owners create a niche and ideal client profile in an effort to improve their firms overall level of success. New business owners will use this process to start their business ahead of the competition, as well as pass up the costs of learning from your own mistakes.

Once you are certain about your niche and ideal clients, you’ll be ahead of your competition, which will allow your business to grow more strategically. You will find it easier to consistently market and network because you’ll start to notice where they are, even in a crowded room. The 8-Step process of Strategic Client Acquisition includes:

  1. Assess your business
  2. Define a niche
  3. Specify your ideal clients
  4. Segment your client base
  5. Define your client’s experience
  6. Assess your profitability
  7. Create a simple onboarding process
  8. Develop a marketing roadmap

This process always involves examining your current client relationships. You are bound to find that you are working with some “less than ideal” clients and it is important to take a look at how to deal with these clients. There are many different alternatives but going broke is not one of them! We will discuss a host of alternative you have so that you can plan to professionally handle conversations with clients you’ve deemed as “less than ideal”.

Ideal clients are clients you connect with on more than just a business level. Their values, purpose, and goals are similar to yours or push you forward.


Successful client acquisition starts with you being an expert in a particular area (niche), choosing the cream of the crop in that niche (ideal clients), then segmenting clients into 4 areas, determining how to market to each area, and then consistently marketing.
— Maria Marsala


Generally, your ideal clients:

  1. appreciate and value what you have to offer;
  2. pay what you ask without haggling;
  3. entrust you to handle most, if not all, of their financial management needs;
  4. become your biggest advocates and refer others exactly like them (without you asking);
  5. ask for your recommendations in other areas of their lives; and
  6. allow you the personal satisfaction of delivering superior, client-centric service.

To grow strategically requires you to be proactive by defining the characteristics of those clients, as well as to actively pursue and serve the population you choose as ideal.

Aside from forcing us to focus on growing our business, your program provides a logical, compelling, balanced template, and your hands-on support was insightful and effective. Despite this tough economic terrain, client satisfaction, client retention, our rates, and profits are higher than ever. Our business awareness is clearer. To be blunt, your help in teaching us when to “throw the fish back” and walk away from inappropriate candidate clients has saved us far more than what your strategic business program cost. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you to internalize what you teach.
Mike Klasco, Audio Engineer and Nora Wong, COO, Menlo Scientific, Richmond, CA,

The Consequences of Ignoring Your Ideal Client Profile

Most of the busy-ness you experience EVERY DAY is a direct result of NOT formulating an Ideal Client Profile It’s a domino effect. There are many hidden costs of not creating an ICP.

Can you relate to the following cascade of consequences?

  • You’re constantly seeking out new clients anywhere or everywhere
  • You find yourself spending less time with the clients that you enjoy working with, including high-end clients
  • You are not getting enough quality referrals
  • You’re distracted by high-maintenance, low-return clients
  • Business seems tougher than you want it to be and you ‘re not reaching
    that profit number in your head
  • You are very busy marketing and networking efforts and you don’t have time to build strong client relationships

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service fits him (or her) and sells itself.
— Peter F. Drucker

How An Ideal Client Profile Helps You Create an Ideal Business

On the flip side of this phenomenon, rewards ripple through your business as a result of creating your Ideal Client Profile.

On the flip side of this phenomenon, rewards ripple through your business as a result of creating your Ideal Client Profile.

In general, having ideal clients leads to you running an ideal business, which then allows you to lead an ideal life. Here are some of the ways you ‘ll profit from creating this very overlooked opportunity to target your customer base. When you work with your ICP:

  • You ‘ll find and win the best type of clients for your firm.
  • You ‘ll streamline your business and enhance your productivity when your marketing communications is more consistent and targeted.
  • You ‘ll receive more referrals to better prospects.
  • You will spend less time and money prospecting because your marketing and networking efforts attract great clients
  • You will turbo-charge your compensation, meet your goals, and build a valuable business with high market value because you will be sought after as a market leader
  • You’ll begin strategically marketing and networking because it gets you what you desire.
  • You’ll work with clients you connect with on more levels and enjoy what you’re doing even more.

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and my ideal client has been consistent throughout that time. Many of the questions on your exhaustive list of ideal client questions weren’t part of my thought process and answering them opened my eyes to the possibilities. I came away with a specific, factual description that helps me recognize my ideal clients after 30 seconds of a conversation, so I can now easily avoid spending time with people who AREN’T my ideal and move on to those who are!
— Mary Stursa, Fashion Designer, Owner, Seattle, WA, Noble Furs,

Will Targeting Higher Quality Or the Affluent Clients Turn Off Other Prospects or Hurt Your Current Business?

Wealthy individuals expect personal service and a higher degree of service. These clients value the opinions of their friends and contacts more highly than any advertising you can pay for. To get the word-of-mouth and a consistent stream of referrals, you must start by attracting clients who are a good fit with your practice.

Consider your current client base and be honest. “Firing” some of them might be a blessing, right? It may seem counter-intuitive, but being more specific will bring you more business. Simply put, defining an ideal client makes it easy for your clients and contacts to identify and refer others to you. You won’t lose the clients who truly appreciate and value what you provide. (Hint: they’re probably already your ideal clients, or at a least not what we call “clients from hell”.)

Establishing the traits, YOU value in a client will attract prospects that identify with your values. You may have heard the saying, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” When you attract clients with common values, you ‘re on your way to “like and trust”. Face-to-face meetings with prospective clients who fit your ideal client profile generate paying clients and won’t waste your time. You will build your business strategically, by design, not randomly, by default.

Do You Have Time to Waste?

If you’re wondering, “Is this worth my time?” consider how much your time is worth. What would it mean to your bottom line if you could multiply your very best clients? How much time would you save if you could virtually eliminate bad prospects before you’ve wasted your efforts? Can you spot a bad client from a mile away? Defining your ideal client profile provides you with the tools to do this.

Ideal Client Profile Tools Created by a Wall Street Veteran

Large firms use the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) process to build business with higher-end clients. As a former Wall Street trader and executive of 20+ years, Maria Marsala, routinely shares corporate strategies with small business owners and entrepreneurs in the financial sector. The ICP is one of the first trade secrets Maria shares with her clients.

I personally lost about $20,000 worth of business because I didn’t understand about niches and ideal clients. It was 2002, and I tried to find anything to help–articles, programs, something–but only found one book on niches, which was out of print. So through trial and error, I strategically created a process that I’ve been teaching my clients for over 10 years.
— Maria Marsala, on creating her ICP program

This is a process to identify, find, and win new clients. This system has been proven effective by many happy clients–including owners who have been in business 20+ years! Attending the sessions and doing the exercises will make you look at all your marketing and networking options differently

A Powerful & Complex Process That We Make Simple

You’ll use our 7-step process that our clients call “enlightening” and “mind opening”.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Choosing a niche for your financial practice that will re-energize you and increase your profits.
  2. Developing your ideal client story, so that your team and referral partners can easily spot your best clients.
  3. Segmenting your client base for efficient financial practice marketing and customer service standards.
  4. Creating a go/no go spreadsheet to simplify decision-making.
  5. Where to find your ideal clients.
  6. Strategies for marketing to your best clients, so that you can immediately use your new client-attraction tools.

This process is repeatable and once mastered and can be used to create your ideal vendor profile, ideal employee profile, ideal strategic partner profile… and so much more!

Who Will Benefit

  • You’re an experienced independent or fee based financial professional. Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Family Advisor, Wealth Advisor, Independent RIA, Life Insurance Rep, Bank Planning Department, Money Manager, Broker, Accountant, CPA, etc. OR
  • We also have limited availability for business owners who are not in the financial industry AND
  • You’re ready to serve more clients.
  • You’re ready to increase your income, work fewer hours, and have a strong impact on the lives of others.
  • You want to create processes that makes it easier for your team to manage your business.
  • You are open to new ideas — and coaching!

About the Trainer

Maria Marsala is an internationally-recognized speaker, coach, and subject expert on planning today and profiting tomorrow. She climbed the corporate ladder, to become a trader for Retail Reps on Wall Street at a time when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds. While at Bear Stearns, she also saved her department hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly when she created new processes and authored a bond operational manual for sales assistants and reps. Much of what she designed was then duplicated in other departments or used firm-wide.

Maria founded Elevating Your Business fourteen years ago. She works with independent and fee-based financial advisors, planners, and RIAs to multiply their bottom line and reduce the number of hours they work each week. She helps her clients grow their business strategically, tactically, and operationally. In 2011, Maria was voted one of the top 30 Coaches Internationally. As a trained Life Coach, as well as a Business Coach, she works with her clients holistically.

P.S. By the time you get through with our “Mastery Program,” you’ll want to kick yourself for not taking it sooner. But don’t worry about it. You’ll be miles ahead of all the other people who waited too long to sign up. So go ahead and register today.

P.S.S. You might be able to invest in your business education and get a tax write-off. (Obviously, you’ll want to call your CPA or accountant for specific tax advice…but I wanted to give you the idea. So call them now.)

…Aha moment! I realized that the reason my business hasn’t excelled is because I was just taking anything that came my way. I had no clear vision, no business plan, no marketing tools, and no direction. Maria, you inspire me and my business to be the best we can be. You are a source of inspiration.
— Betsy Padilla, Chicago, IL

How It Works

Receive everything you need to develop new skills and execute the program including a week-by-week action plan.

  • We’ll walk you through each step you need to take over 10 weeks. Attend the program or listen to the video during the week. Either way, you’ll have all the concepts and background materials to take action during the week. A $690 value.
  • Attend a weekly Q and A session or send in your questions and I’ll answer them at this event. A replay will be available of the call 24 hours after the event. A $690 value.
  • We’ll provide you with the resources, exercises, and tools each week to ensure that you’ll be able to execute each step perfectly every week. A $550 value.
  • We’ll be there to fully support you during the duration of the program. A $2200 value.
    • Our onboarding process starts with you completing a few assessments and ends with an hour consultation.
    • If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, get in touch with us and we’ll help you get back on track, pronto.
    • Each week send us the results of what you’ve executed and well send you back our thoughts to consider.
    • For added accountability fill-in our weekly Success Tracker and get more feedback and support regarding any area of your business or life!
    • Get peer-to-peer support from your colleagues. (Priceless)
      • Of course you’ll get support during the calls but also from a buddy (fellow student) chosen to support you during the week.
      • Support from a private and confidential area of my membership site. (Optional)
  • PLUS, we’ll send you emails about current trends, news, or resources on the subject of creating, marketing or attracting ICPs at no additional cost because keeping ahead of your competition is important. (Priceless if it were available for sale, which it ain’t!)

Total value: $5780+ over 10 weeks.

Your investment: $597 or an early bird fee of $497 — for the whole program!!!

Join us

We’ll schedule a program for you and a soon as 5 people show interest. Show your interest by emailing Maria here.

Below is a sample of the logistics of the program.

  • Date: Eight consecutive Mondays at 9am PST / noon EST starting February 29, 2016 or
  • Time: 45 minutes each
    9am PST
    10am MTN
    11am CST
    12pm EST
  • Place: Your Home or Office, this is a webinar series that will be taped
  • Investment:$597 The early bird special get $100 off when you pay in full before February 12, 2016.

Set yourself apart from others who share your profession. Prospects will know that you’re the one they should work with. If you’re serious about attracting more terrific, well-paying ideal clients, then turbo-charge your business with this very supportive, step-by-step program! If not now, when?

So register today, read the notes, and bring your questions to the class–or email me your questions before you register.

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