Short Version Strategic Client Acquisition

Hitting Your Niche: Position Your Practice as the Obvious Choice For Your Ideal Client’s

To stand out from the crowd, build a bigger book, concentrate your marketing efforts—doing less WILL bring you more. Casting a wider net catches fish—not ideal clients. Most financial professionals overlook simple, yet crucial distinctions that would make their niches produce better results.

Rewards ripple through your business as a result of creating your Ideal Client Profile. Having ideal clients leads to running an ideal business, which allows you to lead an ideal life.

This hands-on class not only shows you how to increase your productivity, but teaches you the entire process of determining the best clients for your firm to use to substantially grow. You’ll discover how to grow your practice by applying powerful, proven improvement tools during class that you can start to implement in your firm each week.

How You Will Benefit

• Your firm stands out from the crowd.
• You attract new business to your practice using time-saving and cost-effective tools.
• You no longer waste money on “spaghetti marketing” because your efforts will be focused and yield a better ROI.
• Finding and winning the best type of clients for your firm.
• Streamline your business and enhance productivity when your marketing communication is more consistent and targeted.
• Receive more referrals to better prospects.
• Spend less time and money prospecting because your marketing and networking efforts attract great clients.
• Turbo-charge your compensation, meet your goals, and build a valuable business with high market value because you’re sought after as a market leader.
• Start strategically marketing and networking because it gets you what you desire.
• Work with clients you connect with on more levels and enjoy what you’re doing even more.

What You Will Cover

The 8-Step process of Strategic Client Acquisition includes:

Assess your business
Define a niche
Specify your ideal clients
Segment your client base
Define your client’s experience
Assess your profitability
Create a simple onboarding process
Develop a marketing roadmap

More Of What You’ll Learn

• Learn the top mistakes financial professionals make when choosing a niche—and 4 niches you never want to choose.
• Discover the difference between a niche and an ideal client.
• Learn why niching makes your firm more profitable and pleasurable when you do it correctly.
• Implementing the 3 P’s of niching: Product/Passion/Population
• How to use Maria’s proprietary templates in her Niche Smarter Packet for Financial Advisors—must-have additions to your best practices toolbox! These templates systematize the hidden details of niching that will give you an edge!
o Discover if you’re marketing to the right clients when you take Maria’s quick “Target Marketing Assessment”.
o Qualify and quantify client “touches” all year long with the “Client Segmentation Matrix”.
o Choose better clients when your whole office uses Maria’s “Go/No Go Worksheet”.
• Developing your ideal client story, so that your team and referral partners can easily spot your best clients.
• Segmenting your client base for efficient financial practice marketing and customer service standards.
• Creating a go/no go spreadsheet to simplify decision-making.
• Learn where to find your ideal clients.
• Strategies for marketing to your best clients, so that you can immediately use your new client-attraction tools.

Who Should Attend

Owners of financial firms, account representatives, associates, territory managers, business owners, strategists, sales managers, business development professionals, sales executives and all other professionals ready to reduce burnout and increase revenue.

Special Feature

Participants are strongly advised to use a laptop, notebook or computer during the seminar. The course will utilize templates, online examples, and more. Prior to each class, you will have “happy homework” to complete based on the previous class.

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