Develop Your First Website Using WordPress

Are You Tired of Waiting Forever to Get Your Website or Blog Up And Running So You Attract More Business 24/7?

You Can Create Your First Website and Blog (That Can Be Read on Mobile Devices) In Just a Few Days For Much Less Than You Thought Possible!

Dear Financial Professional:

I’m not crazy about you wasting your time designing your own website. Given the opportunity to prospect for clients or play webmaster, there really isn’t a choice.

I’m practical. Prospects are researching for FAs online. PLUS once you’ve cold-called, met, or spoken to a prospect, they’ll probably visit your website immediately to check you out. Not having a website (or a very ugly, square box, poorly developed site) can leave a bad impression. A simple, yet professional web presence can help you stand out and convince a prospect to consider you further.

You might not have a website because of the cost of hiring a web designer and all the learning involved once the site is up. But you need a website of your own. You might not know all the lingo or which resources to use, but you have more time on your hands than money to spend.

That’s why I created this course. I want you to create a professional site (not as complex or professional as a web designer can do, but the next best thing). The goal for your new site is to help you gain new prospects. Then, you can hire a website professional to update or revamp what you started when you can afford it.

Domain name, server, hosting packages, POP 3, hits viewers and statistical analysis….oh my! If you don’t understand what these words mean, your website can end up costing you more than necessary.

Learn the basics behind a website, website lingo, and the most important features to look for in a hosting company. I’ll will also walk you, step-by-step, through a professional site builder AND a WordPress Blog builder. You’ll be able to add (or change) content easily. And you’ll gain the web experience of an Internet veteran who created and still maintains numerous websites.


Bring all your questions to this program. In fact, create a list and send it to me before the program or each session starts! I want to answer everything I can that will help you get the word out there about your firm.

Can’t attend all the sessions with your peers? No problem. You’ll receive the CD and a link where you can download the audios, 24-48 hours after each session.

"Once again, Maria hit a home run with her Web class!
What a no-fail way to put together a basic website.
Maria presents materials in a down to earth, easy to understand style.
If you’re ready for a professional-looking website ASAP, it’s time to learn from Maria!

Suzanne Holman, Million Dollar Productivity Coach, Phoenix, AZ (2004, now retired)

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What You’ll Receive

1. Four 60-minute courses where I will answer your website questions AND walk you through the website creation and blog process! I promise, you’ll be amazed at how simple creating your website can be (with the right help and tools)! A $1200 Value

2. The audio recording: You’ll receive a replay within 24 hours of each session. A $200 Value

3. Help after the class!: You’ll be able to email me questions after each class for the duration of the program. A $300 Value

4. The CD: Help! I Want A Website … What Do I Do Next? The CD is a jam-packed workbook containing articles, resources, loads of clickable links and an audio of a previous class. A $299 Value

The Benefits: What You’ll Leave This Program With

  • Your website online and ready to use*
  • Your blog online and ready to use*
  • You’ll be able to instantly and immediately make changes to your WordPress website and blog!

*What we will NOT cover

We’ll lightly touch on: search engine optimization, enewsletter design, and marketing your website, but we’ll not go into them in depth. We will provide you with resources we feel are the best in each of these areas.

We do not write the content (the words on your website) for you. We do not provide you with photos, logos, or other graphics. We will provide you with our favorite people and firms to hire and our best resources, too.

Here’s The Numbers We’re Using

Hiring a web designer costs between $3k and $5k, plus monthly hosting and change or maintenance fees. Compare that to designing and hosting your website for less than $1000 through the resources we suggest and this class

  • Domain Name: $10
  • *Logo: $29-$300
  • Hosting: $130 for the year
  • Website/Blog Template: $0 to $199
  • **Newsletter System: $0 to $100 per month.
  • This Program: $397

*If you have a logo, then get a banner made. Banners or headers for WordPress sites cost $27-$300 when you have the logo.

**As a bonus, I’ll walk you through the process of putting a newsletter form on your website, to accept subscribers, even if you don’t have a system yet.

***Warning: Don’t Waste Your Time, My Time, or Your Peers’ Time!***

Be ready to get your website up and running during this program. Before the program starts, you’ll have homework to complete. During the class and after each class, you’ll have homework to complete. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE the homework, your website will NOT be operational (ready for the content you want to add) by the end of the program.

Because all the materials are shipped in advance, there are no refunds provided. If you need to cancel because of a major illness you can take the next scheduled program.

Do not join this program if you are not ready to Act Now!

Let Maria Help You Save Your Time, Money and Headaches by Learning What To Do (and Not To Do) Next.

This CD includes a workbook jam-packed full of the best information, definitions, recommendations, resources, book ideas, links to excellent articles, and even pricing ideas I could write about and find!
It helps business owners who know -0- about websites!

A partial list of what it includes is:

  • The Basics: A Short History of the Internet. How Does The Internet Work?
  • Getting Started: What’s 200 Words Have To Do With Your Computer? Internet Dictionary Resources
  • Creating a Business Site: The 10 Vital Parts of a Business website
  • Branding: What’s Color Have To Do With It? And the Domain Name Is?
  • Choosing a Host: Hosting Basics. Hosting Extras. A Checklist for Choosing a Hosting Company & Resources To the Services We Recommend
  • Website Design Articles and Checklists include: Do It Yourself or Outsource? Minimum website Costs. Choosing a Web Designer.
    Does Your website Have Trustability and Credibility? Hiring a Web Designer? Things to Talk About.
    Doing It Yourself? Editors, Software Programs. Site Architecture and Navigation. Watch Your Words.
    Statistics – Don’t Count Your Hits
  • Resources: Web Design Resource, Meta Tags, Search Engines, Books & HTML, Ezines, Domain Registration, Learning Tools, Website Wizards, Web-Based Email, Graphics Programs, Finding a Local ISP, Statistics & Counters, Link Popularity, Keyword Popularity, Final Checklist for Your website
  • And more… 19 Ways To Create And Keep Your website Trustworthy. 33 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website and Keep Them Coming Back! 35 Deadly website Sins and much more!

Dates: Tuesday, April 1, 2013 and three consecutive Tuesdays
Maximum of 15 participants!

Time: 12:30-2pm PST / 3:30-5pm EST

Location: Webinar–fully online AND Skype (no web cam needed)


$397 USD. Upon payment you’ll receive pre-program instructions. Yes, you’ll have homework to do. We’ll also send you the CD and Home Page Template.

Bonus 1

Register at least four weeks before the first session and get a 30-minute free consultation with Maria that can be taken anytime prior to December 24, 2013

Bonus 2

I’ll walk you the process of putting a newsletter subscribe form on your new website, to accept subscribers, even if you haven’t decided on which newsletter system to use yet.

Bonus 3

My marketing wordspmith, Chris Mifsud, has graciously offered to provide you with templates for the copy (words) you’ll want to put on your home page and in your bio. These are basic templates of what you should put on each page. If you only use the templates, and don’t add much more to them, your home page and bio will be better than most of the ones I see online! And if you use the templates and add your personality to them, you’ll be even more ahead in the game of marketing!

Chris was a marketing manager in the insurance industry and has worked for me for four years. Don’t let her new non-financial niche (holistic practitioners) stop you from joining her monthly newsletter. Register at her site to get a bio template and monthly marketing tip. Because you’re a member of this program, I’ll be giving you her home page template. A $199 value!

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