Maria is available for speaking engagements, interviews, radio and television appearances, guest blogging, webinars, summits, writing columns, and teleseminar engagements.  All are customized to meet the needs of your audience and will focus of your events goals.

Speaker Request Form Interview Request Form Email Maria or call 360-271-8418 EST

Hire Maria To Speak At Your Conference or Train Your Company

Our speaking rates include customizing each talk to your members or audience. Your firm's or group's challenges, goals, and history are all important for me to know. My goal is to help you create an exceptional and customized program for you.

When I customize, that doesn't mean that I'll throw around the name of your organization a few times. I mean real customization and here's how I usually do it:

  • I'll conduct research of your firm or organization online.
  • Send me three firms/organizations names and website that you feel are your competition, I'll check them out, too.
  • Whenever possible, I'll interview 3 audience members and sometimes use their quotes in the presentation visuals.
  • I'll review any trade publications and newsletters. Please provide me with the name and phone number of the person to call to get 3-5 back copies.
  • Send me information about your organization/firm's history, mission, and goals.
  • If you run a store in my area, I'll visit it beforehand otherwise, I'll look you up on a map program.
  • You'll receive handout materials (to print) that reflect your industry or meeting with titles and subjects that are customized to your event.

Please send us a copy of:

  1. 2-3 publications of materials published within the past year
  2. the conference/meeting agenda
  3. the agenda of the conference / meeting
  4. 1-2 past conference / meeting brochures
  5. information about the firm/organization such as a corporate report, history of organization, etc.

Submit to:
322 101 Street, 38A
Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Me and my team will get started right away!

Oh, and from the moment you engage me (schedule a firm date on my calendar), I'll start my research and might have additional questions to ask you.

Presentations range is from 45-minutes to a month long strategic planning program at your firm. I've done podcasts, webinars, workshops at events, multi-day workshops, and workshops at retreats.

Formats include:

  • 45-120 breakout session
  • Half-day training
  • Full-day business (or sales, marketing, etc.) Immersion Training Day
  • 2-3 day on-site Training
  • Month-long training of entire teams.
  • Solution Rooms at conferences

Ask me to create an event that fits your schedule and budget.

Maria speaks on a wide range of practice management, business growth, leadership, marketing (off and online), technology, and personal development topics.

Our audience are go-get-um financial professionals and business owners who are big dreams and big doers who are growing their firm or book of business by developing a team. We don't speak to audiences of solo-owners who are happy to be solo's.

Maria is comfortable speaking in front of audiences of between 10 and a few hundred participants. She is also available to be interviewed, conduct webinars, or teleseminars for private firms, their clients, or associations.

Her target market includes investment advisors, financial planners, wealth managers, and the organizations and B2Bs who work with them. In addition to financial industry professionals, Maria has also spoken to accounting, technology, colleges, women's associations, Rotary, and various nonprofit organizations.

Maria Marsala is an internationally renowned, seasoned public speaker with deep expertise on how to use simple system to grow firms.

Maria has a no bull, stereotypical NY style with a unique way of simplifying complex business matters into very doable action pieces. She's a quick draw of templates and exercises that firms use to attract more clients and live better lives.

Audience members receive practical strategies and tactics that they execute right away -- often before the event is over. Maria's a “no fluff” type of speaker, delivers incredible value, and gives the audience homework they're glad to do.

Maria is generous before, during, and after each of her speaking engagements. She takes the time to truly connect with attendees. Maria arrives an hour before the event and stays after the event until anyone who wants to speak to her has the opportunity. She prefers staying at conferences for the duration of the event, to ensure that attendees have as much access to her as possible. .

When appropriate for public events, she'll market the event to her connections as well as her social networking contacts. This creates more visibility for your firm or conference event.

Maria is obsessed with making a difference in the world which she does by sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly she learned working at both Main Street and Wall Street firms.

Fee Schedule

United States & Canada.............$8,000 USD * International............................$13,000 USD * * Our speaking fee includes:
  • Airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and all other miscellaneous expenses.
  • This fee also includes pre speech interviews so that Maria can customize her presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting or event.
  • Special password protected page on our website for each event, which includes additional information and handouts
  • Maria conducting up to 4 hours of individual coaching at an event. Most often sessions last 20 minutes per person.

Additional savings are available if you select her “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option.

Maria Marsala makes every effort to be as accommodating as possible and to work within your speaker budget. She books her engagements 3-24 months in advance. Maria offers volume discounts on her workbooks which to be included in your conference amenity bags given to all attendees upon registering for an event. To get a price quote, please call (360) 271-8418 or send an RFQ email to [email protected]
  • $1,000 per hour: Panel, meal table host or pick Maria's brain for an hour, at an event we’re already engaged for
  • 7,000 inclusive: One workshop up to 90 minutes
  • $15,000 inclusive: Day workshop, up to 10 people, up to 8-hours
  • For rush engagements occurring in 4 months or less is an additional $2,000 to the stated fees.
  • Maria may accept a second engagement, conducting the same workshop, for 1/2 of her usual fee and subtract EMT from the fee, too.
  • Maria may accept a second or third engagement, conducting a different workshop, for 2/3 of her fee and subtract EMT from the fee, too.
  • Evergreen recording fee: $1,000 per year with handouts/articles. including updated attendance list.
  • Handouts are printed by the event on our letterhead.
  • TBD: Prices of books, CDs, software, binders, when applicable.

Essential Information

  • Maria is a professional speaker and does not upsell to your audience.
  • Maria does not speak while people are eating, after meals that include alcohol consumption, or while the wait staff is setting up/tearing down. No exceptions.
  • Maria stays after her workshops to speak with participants who have additional questions, up to 30 minutes.
  • New clients pay a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the fee upon setting a speaker date. Final payment is due at the event.
  • When her schedule permits, Maria enjoys invitations to attend conferences and at-event meals.
  • Our attendance is always guaranteed. Refunds provided only upon an act of God.

Maria offers webinars, podcasts, or virtual seminars/conference calls. She's a Certified Teleclass Leader who conducted her first webinar in 1998 to 40 small business development centers across North Carolina.

  • $1,500: One presentation up to 60-minutes plus Q and A for the talk.
  • Evergreen recording fee: $2,000 per year with handouts/articles. including updated attendance list.
  • Handouts are printed by the event on our letterhead.
  • TBD: fees for books, CDs, software, binders, when applicable.
  • Note: The contents of our talks, the handouts and articles provided, any photos, audio tapes, video tapping, etc. are protected by copyright laws and are the sole property of Elevating Your Business. We are very generous in what we provide in print, for a firm or associations newsletter and as handouts. However, we always retain the first-rights to our materials; those in print or taped.

    Essential Information

    • Maria is paid for speaking professionally and does not upsell to your audience.
    • Maria stays after her workshops to speak with participants who have additional questions, up to 30 minutes.
    • New clients pay a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the fee. Final payment is due at the event.
    • Our attendance is always guaranteed. Refunds provided only upon an act of God.

I'll put Federal Tax ID and Washington State UBI number on the Invoice/Statement I submit to you.

All materials sold in the WA will are subject to gross receipts tax rate of that city, unless a tax exempt certificate is provided to Elevating Your Business. (Tax exempt certificates are not valid for services.)

Ask Maria to deliver a multiple of offerings within your meeting or convention.

Have me deliver:

  • Two breakout sessions of the same talk
  • Two breakout sessions of different subjects
  • A breakout session and a panel discussion
  • A Solutions Coaching Room during your event
  • You get the drift
  • You'll receive a big discount on the second (or third) presentation and you'll pay for travel and other expenses just once.

    What is the closest airport to you?

    Mostly Seatac, WA, with Newark, NJ or JFK (summers) or wherever my last speech takes place. When I work for more than one client on the same trip I'll prorate the expenses and everybody saves money!

    In most cases, my speaker rates include travel, meals, and entertainment. Groups pay for my attendance at conferences. Exceptions: There are additional fees for international travel and discounted presentations.

    We have short and long bios available. Let us know your bio word count and we'll provide you with the proper attribution. Download a list of Maria's actual speaking titles with descriptions of each in PDF format.

    Choose an Introductions for Speaking Engagements

    • people are eating
    • the audience is exhausted or has been up all night
    • people have been drinking heavily
    • the dishes are being placed on or being collected
    • people are squeezed into a room

    Having spoken in a variety of venues, I know that I’m often asked my preferences for speaking. Here is what I like best, but of course, I’ll work with you and the criteria of your venue.

    Sound System / Technology

    • Please provide a professional sound system appropriate for the venue when more than 30 people are in the audience.
    • Lavaliere: As a backup, I bring my own wireless lavaliere microphone with a clip on microphone. I don't like ear pieces or to carry a microphone. I can't speak unless my hands are free! (You did notice that my last name IS Italian and I'm from Brooklyn, right?)
    • Extra Mic: Do please provide a hand-held microphone (with a cord) to be used as a back-up and to use for audience questions.
    • Back-up: I will bring backup equipment such as my laptop, flash drive, PowerPoint, and PDFs as a back up to your equipment.
    • Wires: I do not have wires, adapters, or power cords to hook into sound systems.
    • Computer Clicker: I bring mine as a back up. Please bring yours and extra batteries. It's best to set up a laptop within 20 feet of where I'll be standing.
    • Conferences: it's helpful to have a microphone in the room for audience members. I do take questions at the end of conferences. This is best done if one of your staff is ready with a microphone. Or give out index cards for questions, have your staff collect them and I'll answer questions that way. When we're doing group work, if I am on a stage, chances are that I'll leave to walk around the room.
    • All materials I provide are my property. If an event is video or audio taped, provide (at no additional charge) copies of everything the organization is doing. I am paid for and/or must approve client use of said materials.

    Having spoken in a variety of venues, I know that I’m often asked my preferences for speaking. Here is what I like best, but of course, I’ll work with you and the criteria of your venue.

    Room Setup

    • Intimate presentations: I'll ask the audience to butt in and ask questions as they come up or wait till the end, whichever is your choice. I also like to walk into the audience if that option is available and I'm not on a stage.
    • Small audiences: If the event is being conducted for less than 100 people and there isn't a stage, please leave me with plenty of room to walk around the tables. Nothing is worse than not connecting with a small audience because I can't walk through to meet them where they sit.
    • Large audiences: It’s helpful when the platform is at least 18 inches off the ground although higher is always better. And the bigger the platform the better, too.
    • Room Tables: If a presentation is in a room with tables, crescent, classroom, or chairs lined up are the best way to set up. Chances are that your audience will take lot of notes, so consider that when you set up the room.
    • Room No Tables: Chevron style setup is preferable.
    • Table: Please provide a small table for use on stage or in the area I speak. This will hold Maria's notes, water, props, etc.
    • Stairs: It's helpful sometimes for Maria to leave the stage so please arrange to have stairs from the platform to the audience.
    • Handouts: I will send you my handouts in a PDF file for you to print. You may print them in black/white. They cannot be placed on a website for downloading unless you have my OK. OK?
    • Schedule: Please do not schedule anything in the room I'm speaking in after I talk. Give me 20 -30 minutes up front or at my table to talk to audience members who want to speak to me, give me their cards, or "whatever".
    • Sponsors: Tell me who is sponsoring my room or event and I'll thank and mention them at the beginning of my talk.
    • Photographer: If you'll be sending a photographer to the event, warn me and have them take their photos in the beginning of my talk.
    • Slides: My slides are not available to download or as a handout unless they are paid for. Same goes for video, webinars, or audio. (See Speaker Rates)
    • Bio: I will send you my intro. Please don't change it in any way unless you get an OK to do so.
    • Likes: chocolate (the darker the better), red Italian wines.
    • Food: I don't have anything to eat and only drink water within 3 hours of speaking.
    • Contact me: Feel free to call me before the event. Email is OK, too. However, only use text to contact me 24 hours of my talk.

    General Topics

    Maria welcomes invitations to speak in-person, internationally, by teleseminar, webinar or video on a range of business management, marketing, and technology subjects including but not limited to:

    Business Growth Topics For Financial Advisors, Planners, CPAs, and Accountants Include

    • Nailing Your Niche & Ideal Client Profile
    • Strategic Planning on Steroids for Financial Professionals
    • The Power of Ten and other Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
    • Developing a Business Vision Statement That Pushes You and Your Business Forward
    • Integrating Your Online & Offline Marketing Presence
    • Demystifying LinkedIn® 101 (Setting Up YOUR Profile)
    • Networking With Ease To Increase Your Net-Worth (Hint! Connect Don’t Sell!)
    • Using Article Marketing To Grow Your Business (Off and Online)
    • Developing Strategic Alliances for Win-Wins!
    • Let’s Productizing Your Services
    • Be Heard: Develop a Killer Elevator Speech
    • Pricing Your Services
    • How to Improve Productivity & Get Off the Hamster Wheel

    Personal Growth Include

    • Clean Sweep Stress from Your Life
    • Banishing Burnout & Getting Your Life Back on Track
    • Setting Boundaries & Raising Standards
    • Profiting From Change


    Author of 9 workbooks on topics of niching ideal client profiles, networking, pricing, article marketing, setting up your first ezine, creating a website, and more…

    • Contributor to 4 books: 6 Steps To Free Publicity, Streetwise Small Business Books of Lists, Turbo-Charge Your Marketing, and Ugly Betty Career Advice
    • Author of over 500 articles
    • Featured in Money magazine, Jim Cramer’s The Street, Women’s Day, Market Watch, Advisor Max, NY Enterprise Report, The Bottom Line, and much more.
    • Former monthly columnist for the Seattle New Times and Coach/Limousine Magazine
    • Sample of Published Articles

    Maria’s Workbooks

    • Make More Money: What Every Business Owner Who Sets Their Own Fees Should Know about Charging What They Deserve.
    • Booking More Ideal Clients
    • Use Networking To Increase Your Net-worth
    • Article Marketing Tips and Strategies from An Article Marketing Pioneer
    • How To Create an Online Newsletter That Gets Results
    • Creating Your First Website
    • Dream It, Create It, Your Ideal Business
    • Dream It, Create It, Your Ideal Career
    • Finding Your Ideal Place to Live

    Radio & Podcast Interviews/Presenations

    Since 1998, Maria has been interviewed via radio, teleseminar, and webinar by leading business and internet marketing experts from around the globe.

    • Annie Jennings PR TeleSeminar Series (2x)
    • Business and Professional Women/USA Webinar
    • Coach U, EPublishing SIG
    • Coach U, 21 Century Business SIG
    • Coach U, Change Agent SIG
    • Coach U, EPublishing SIG
    • Coachville School of Coaching
    • Fitness Business Radio
    • “SELLFF Talk” hosted by Susan Cristini on WKXL (1450AM and 107.7FM) Concord, NH
    • Word to the Wise (1400 am) Bremerton, WA
    • Thursday Night Enlightenment, hosted by Greg Moore, (1400 am) Pt. Orchard, WA
    • Women In Business Today, Radio Show, Montvale, NJ
    • Elizabeth Gordon, Flourishing Radio, Atlanta, GA.
    • That Marketing Show, with Rodger Roeser, APR
    • The National Networker with Adam K
    • Fitness Business Radio, with Tom Parkins
    • Greg Moore’s Radio Show, 1400 WKITZ
    • Lynne Klippel’s Web Sorority Radio
    • Jane Carroll’s Loving Life Radio
    • Annie Jennings PR Radio
    • Coachville School of Coaching
    • Raven Blair Davis – Women Power Radio
    • Chris Curtis – Web Business Owners
    • Willie Crawford’s Blog Radio
    • Andrea Blackwood-Harriott, Mentoring To Mastery
    • Small Business Trends with Anita Campbell
    • Suzanne Holman, Living YOUR Million Dollar Life TeleSummit
    • Heidi Mooney’s Grow a Million Dollar Business.
    • Michael Beck’s Referral Expo
    • Jack Sims, Business Growth Radio Show
    • Big at Think Big Radio
    • Susan Levine, at Speaker Services
    • National Association of Women Writers
    • Positive Radio, 1150
    • Small Business U TeleSeminar
    • Small Business Trends Radio
    • Speakers Net TeleSeminar
    • Speakers Match Podcast
    • T. Harv Eker’s SuccessTracs Featured Expert (Twice)
    • The Global Institute for Entrepreneurs (2x)
    • Women CEO Magazine TeleSeminar
    • Sue Lindquist, I’m Thankful 11.50am


    • NY1 News- NYC (various)
    • Staten Island Cable (various)
    • Nutmeg Television, Connecticut, Brian Judd’s “Author’s Series,” 2001.
    • Elaine Smitha’s Evolving Ideas, Olympia, Washington
    • Accidental Business Owner, host, Bremerton Cable TV
    • Northwest Afternoon

    Speaking, Leadership, and Training Clients

    Maria has conducted workshops for small business owners and, she has addressed the members of a wide range of professional organizations including:

    • 24-7
    • Alliance of Women in Technology, Bellevue, WA
    • American Payroll Association, Rainier Chapter, WA
    • American Society of Women Accountants, Bellevue, WA
    • American Society of Women Accountants, Seattle, WA
    • American Society of Women Accountants, Tacoma, WA
    • Antioch University, Seattle, WA
    • Bellingham Connections, Bellingham, WA
    • Business Builders Networking Group, Silverdale, WA
    • Business and Professional Women, District Meeting, Redmond
    • Business and Professional Women, State Convention, Gig Harbor
    • Business and Professional Women, Tacoma, WA
    • Business and Professional Women, Seattle, WA
    • BYU Management Society, Tacoma, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Anacortes, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Duvall, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Fife Regional, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Pierce County Hispanic, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Port Townsend, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Poulsbo Networking Meeting, WA
    • Chamber of Commerce: Northgate, WA
    • Coach U, EPublishing SIG
    • Coach U, 21 Century Business SIG
    • Coach U, Change Agent SIG
    • Coach U, EPublishing SIG
    • Coda Conference, Lacey and Tacoma, WA
    • Columbia Tower Club Business Forum, Seattle, WA
    • Communications Arts & Media Professionals of Seattle
    • Discover U – Seattle 2000-2008
    • EEN, North Carolina Technological Development Authority, Raleigh NC.
    • EO (Entrepreneur Organization) Network, N. California
    • Greater Seattle Jewish Business Network, Mercer Island, WA
    • Guaranty Mortgage Company, Bremerton, WA
    • Heavenly Choices, Poulsbo, WA
    • HomeStone Mortgage, Seattle, WA
    • International Training In Communication, Puget Sound Communicators, Silverdale, WA
    • International Training In Communication, Regional Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada
    • International Society of Event Planners, Seattle, wA
    • IAAP – Seattle and Renton Chapters, WA
    • Italian Club of Seattle, Seattle, WA
    • John L. Scott, Mercer Island and Belfair Offices, WA
    • Key Bank, Northgate Mall, Seattle, WA
    • Kitsap Business Connections, Poulsbo, WA
    • Kitsap County Parks Departments Continue Ed, WA.
    • Lunch N Leads Networking Group, Silverdale, WA
    • Mary Kay Success Group, Sequim, WA
    • Meeting Professionals International, Conference, 2009, Utah
    • Meeting Professionals International, Conference, Portland, OR
    • National Association of Women Writers
    • Non-Profit Network, Seattle –
    • Northgate Chamber of Commerce, Seattle
    • North Sound Referral Network, Poulsbo, WA
    • Northwest Association of Interior Designers, Seattle, WA
    • NYC Police Officers, Staten Island, NY
    • Olympic College, Business Center, Bremerton, WA
    • Pinnacle Business Connections, Poulsbo, WA
    • Project Camp 2010, Seattle, WA
    • Positive Radio, 1150
    • Rotary – Bainbridge Island, WA (twice)
    • Rotary – International District, Seattle, WA
    • Rotary – Lakewood-Spanaway, WA
    • Rotary – N. Mason County, WA
    • Rotary – Puyallup, WA
    • Small Business Administration, WNET, Bremerton, WA
    • SafeCo’s Neighborhood Program, Seattle, WA
    • Sam’s Club, Shoreline, wA
    • Skiff Point B and B, Bainbridge Island, WA
    • South Sound Connections, Pt. Orchard, WA
    • Travel Meet, Mill Creek, WA
    • The Professional Women of Color Network, Seattle, WA
    • The Global Institute for Entrepreneurs
    • TIE Seattle, WA
    • Triangle South Enterprise Center, Dunn, NC
    • Variety of Public & Private Schools, Staten Island, NY.
    • Various civic-minded meetings, Staten Island, NY
    • Whatcom Women in Business, Bellingham, WA
    • Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA
    • Women of Wisdom Conference, Seattle, WA
    • Women’s Professional Network, Bellingham, WA (2008 and 2011)
    • Washington State BizFair, Renton, WA
    • Washington State Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists,WA
    • Washington Society of Association Executives, Bellevue, WA (flyer)
    • Washington Trial Lawyers Association, Everett, WA
    • Women’s Business Center, Seattle, WA
    • Washington Employers Training Program, Kent, WA
    • Seattle Small Business Administration – WNET Event
    • Windermere Real Estate, Silverdale, WA
    • Washington Cash, Seattle
    • Zino Society, Seattle, WA

    Print Magazine

    • Entrepreneur Magazine
    • Practical Internet
    • Webdesign Magazine
    • ADDvance Magazine
    • Spiral Journey
    • Careers Today, Washington & Michigan
    • Woman’s Day, March 2005
    • Seattle New Times, Columnist, 3 years
    • National Association of Female Executives, various editions
    • Northwest Woman
    • Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation, various editions
    • Money Magazine, July 2006
    • Market Watch
    • Massage Therapy Journal, American Massage Therapist Association
    • The Bottom Line, Dec. 2006
    • NY Enterprise Report. March 2009
    • PC World Magazine UK, 2000
    • Painters & Decorating Magazine January 2009

    Community Awards

    • Lynne Steinman Community Service Award, Staten Island, NY
    • 14 Certificates of Recognition from the NYC Parks Department, Staten Island and Manhattan
    • Community Service Award sponsored by former NYS Senator Robert Strainere

    Trade Association Newsletters

    • Society For Technical Communications July 2003
    • Italian American Women’s Center, Long Island, NY
    • Business and Professional Women’s, Silverdale


    • Staten Island Advance, NY
    • New York Daily News
    • Kitsap Business Journal Guest Columnist
    • North Kitsap Herald, Poulsbo, WA
    • Bremerton Sun
    • Central Kitsap Reporter
    • Brooklyn Home Reporter
    • Career Today (Seattle, Detroit)
    • La Tercera – Chile, So. America

    Featured Web Site Articles

    • Entrepreneur
    • Coachville’s Top Ten Lists
    • Diva Tribe
    • Man And Women Unusual
    • Guru Knowledge
    • Networking Today, Canada
    • Pathways Career
    • InvestmentNews
    • Nerd’s Eye View

    My Articles Have Appeared In These Online Newsletters or Blogs