Speaking Engagement Testimonials by Type

Conference & Chapter Meeting Attendees

Some speakers only give their set talk.  Maria’s approach is a lot more personal.  As the conference organizer, I really enjoyed her preparation; it showed me she really cared about making her workshop relevant to our group.  I liked the interaction Maria had with the advisors; she has been in the financial services industry and understands how it works and the pressures financial advisors feel.  Financial professionals need to think about planning and how they’re going to grow their business.  They want to have definite takeaways—and Maria provided these.  You can always hear something at a conference that sounds good at the time, but if you don’t really get on it right away, you lose it. Maria’s simple worksheets and lists were very valuable; they gave us a jumpstart after the conference.  Maria clearly said beforehand that she wouldn’t be a rah-rah motivational speaker—that that she was more practical—and that’s what I appreciated the most.

Some speakers only give their set talk, which participants could find relevant or not.  Maria’s approach is a lot more personal.  Maria interviewed some of the participants ahead of time to get a feel for the audience.  As an organizer, I really enjoyed her preparation; it showed me she really cared about giving her workshop and being relevant to the group.

Some coaches can be very philosophical, but Maria is very practical.  I would like to emphasize how practical she is.  Financial advisors need to think about planning and how they’re going to grow their business.  They want to have definite takeaways.  Maria’s simple worksheets and lists were very valuable; they gave us a jump-start after the conference.

Maria makes sure the group gets what it needs and does an excellent job with the prep work.  She was very orderly and timely.  She spent a lot of time in the conference and got a feel for what was happening with the group, rather than just being there for her talk and then leaving.  She really listened to the group and participated.

Joanne Woiteshek, Partner, Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer at Interactive Financial Advisors

Maria’s workshop for the CACPA/PFS on Banishing Burnout was an insightful and productive event. After speaking with a few of our members, she customized the program specifically for us and hit the mark. She also provided us with a variety of simple tools to help us go from feeling burned out to energized. I enjoyed her no-excuses coaching style.

Brooke Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Principal, Salvini Financial Planning & President, CACPA/PFS

In the Banishing Burnout workshop, Maria digs in to real issues that didn’t talk about hypotheticals—she put us to work on real issues that pertain to our lives. Maria got to the heart of the matter pretty quickly. There may be a level of discomfort, but that’s where the exercises she provides and additional self-analysis comes into play. The Life Full-Fillment Index we completed gave me pause for thought. It was simple, but elegant. I knew I had to make some changes, but this exercise brought them more into my awareness. I found her presentation refreshing and different.

Gregory Desmond, CPA/PFS, CFP®, President, Desmond Wealth Management, Inc., CACPA/PFS Practice Mgmt. Planning Sub-Committee Chair

Our entire committee was engrossed by and appreciated Maria’s Banishing Burnout workshop. We usually thank our presenter and move on, but not with this presentation. It elicited such dialogue between our committee members! I had not heard such a response before. I know other CPAs and CPA advisers would enjoy and value this workshop because we got so much out of it.

Michael Eisenberg, CPA/PFS, Partner, Miller Ward & Company CPAs

Maria’s 5-Part Business & Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors Workshop brings a lot of value; it’s sure to be one of the biggest takeaways that conference participants will get for practice management. There were two exercises that I found particularly helpful. The 5 questions that every planner needs to answer made me very focused. I was off and running where I’d usually say, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ Then, in five minutes, by answering a series of 7 questions and filling in the blanks, I had a whole Vision statement, which would have taken me days left on my own. That was worth the whole seminar!

Stephanie Genkin, RIA, founder of My Financial Planner, LLC, Chair NYC/FPA Encore Committee

Niche Clarity Workshop: better than expectations in area of knowledge of subject matter, presentation skills, relevant, and usefulness of materials.

AICPA PFS Conference

It is always a good sign of how engaged attendees are when they linger after the meeting and continue the discussion, which they did.

Patty Anderson, Executive Director, Washington Society of Association Executives

Thanks you so much for your wonderful presentation to the Chamber. Your presentation on business and marketing planning was informative, professional, fun, and a must for all business owners.

Peggy Kahler, Vice President, Duvall Chamber of Commerce,

Thank you for your Networking to Increase Your Bottom Line presentation at the AMTA convention. I appreciate a presenter that can cut through the fluff and get right to the message. I have a lot of homework to do.

Karen K. Flory, Licensed Massage Therapist, Lakewood, WA

The National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington Chapter was fortunate to have Maria speak to us about goal setting. Her workshop on creating a One Page Business Plan® was very well received and spewed many business owners into action!

Jackie Foskett, Association of Hypnotherapy, President

Maria not only gave us all we needed to publish an ezine from the absolute beginning. She also gave us a huge wealth of sources of information, a variety of choices and the knowledge of ongoing support.

Bronwyn Ritchie, President, Australia, International Training in Communication

"Maria’s cogent, incisive advice during the Planning for More Profit workshop was well-grounded and clearly delivered, allowing participants to actively use the content as a true catalyst of positive change."

Kenneth F. Peshkin, J.D., Financial Service Representative, Grand Central Financial Group, an Office of MetLife, New York, NY

"During the Planning for More Profit (One Page Plan) workshop, Maria convinced me that a business plan does not need to have multiple pages and that, in fact, a 1-page plan can be even more effective!"

Jeff Birnbaum, Financial Planner, CFP®, EA On Point Financial, New York, NY

"Maria introduced succinct, practical methods for running a successful business."

Michael Tartaglia, Future Financial Planner, New York, NY

I attended your workshop at the American Society of Women Accountant’s Conference on creating a simple business plan. Several members and I were excited at the possibility of turning our lengthy Strategic Plan into a one-page document using your materials. We accomplished our goal and had the opportunity to share our plan with our Ukrainian counterparts who were looking to start an accounting organization.

Jana Helmuth, Past President, American Society of Women Accountants, ASWA, Seattle, WA

Maria’s presentation was inspiring and innovative, It provided me with new insights and tools that I used immediately. It’s evident that she’s passionate about helping small business owners succeed. Her company’s email list and blog which contain excellent and helpful information to take me into the future. And I became a client, too!

Janet Graff, CMP, Meeting Planner & Speaker Manger, JLG Event Management Solutions, Cleveland, OH,

I attended a Power Networking Seminar at the Northwest Society of Interior Designers with speaker Maria Marsala. She reinforced the importance of knowing everything possible about our best clients and her 10 steps to get to know them in a year was a helpful lesson. I also will use Maria’s Business Snapshot process as an added part of my introduction since I like the idea of starting my introduction with the results clients gain when they hire my company. Overall the seminar was very rewarding. Thanks Maria.

Patty Koskovich, Renton, WA, Interior Designer, Koskovich Design Group,

Excellent presenter. I will take this information and apply it to my daily sales process to acquire and attain more clients.

Scott Zeller, Hotel Mgmt, WA

Maria makes the complicated easy, natural and insightful.

Wendy LeBlanc – Semiahmoo Sales/Hospitality, WA

You are awesome. Great information that I can use right away.

Linda Herald, Wenatchee Conference Center, WA

Maria provides “real” useable examples and practical applications that I will use.

Ken Spenser, President, Housing Association, Seattle, WA

A stimulating new approach to a very tedious subject from a heart desiring others to succeed. I CAN do my business successfully!.

Alma L. Sparling, Independent Beauty Consultant, Sequim, WA, Mary Kay

Maria has a genuine gift in making the intimidating possible and the benefits tangible when it comes to making friends with your computer. Her acceptance of those hesitant to pioneer their computer makes it possible to successfully move at least one step further than you thought you could before into the accelerated age of technology. Maria makes the journey of discovery delightful, as well as productive.

Rhonda Hull, Speaker, Author, Marrowstone, WA

Wow, I am so impressed with your professionalism, the professional flyer you sent us and promptness.
Oh my goodness, I am not used to this kind of action, but it is very cool and thank you so much!!!
What a great example you are of truly “elevating your business”!!!!.

Jeanette Harem, President, Tacoma Business & Professional Women Association

Maria Marsala’s innovative approach to marketing and business planning is cutting-edge. Whether your business is based in sales or professional service, Maria’s proven techniques can boost your bottom line, and help you achieve personal satisfaction.

Scott P. Carness, Donchez Law Firm, Edmonds, Washington, P/I Attorney and moderator of a local legal organization.

Maria presented The One Page Business & Marketing program for 45 entrepreneurs and business owners at TiE Seattle, a networking organization which fosters the budding entrepreneurs and business owners.
She presented an informative overview of the process, had the participants create their vision statement, provided good insights and answered a multitude of general marketing and business questions asked by the attendees. Maria’s presentation was precise and helpful as I work on my plan.

Rajashree Varmam, Business Manager, TIE Seattle President

You did a great job of creating a course around the questions we offered.

Mary Cotton, Sales Director, Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay, President, Monthly Rep Meeting, Sequim, WA

Everything was great; handouts and resources were more than expected.

Wynn Krasley, Programmer
Durham, NC, Triangle Tech, LLC

You are well organized, local in your presentation, and honest with your information.

Anita Gayheart, Independent Beauty Consultant, Sequim, WA, Mary Kay

Business Planning Group Days (In-Person)

..excellent job on the call – your interactive style was relaxed and informative. It’s obvious that you know your material extremely well and that you are generous with your information. Your strength shines through from many directions

Lorraine Arams, Director, Peak Potential Success Tracs Coaching Program

After completing our non-profit’s plan I’ve had success using the methodology at a board retreat, too. It helped me focus on what we needed to be doing. And I’ve used the planning exercises for a number of little projects and found it a time saver.

Susan Trapnell, Seattle, WA, Managing Director, ACT Theatre

Attending your strategic planning retreat, along with the many insights and business therapy you provided, helped me see the forest through the trees. Thank you for the really great thought provoking day.

Ahmad Mohazab, Principal, TECTA Associates Architects, San Francisco CA, Entrepreneur Organization Retreat in Las Vegas

Using the planning resources you sent prior to the event, I was able to quickly create a draft of my current business plan and a project I’m working on. The one-day program provided much additional information which helped me refine my plan and your personal insight and input was greatly appreciated.

Kee Nethery, CEO KAGI, Berkeley, California, Entrepreneur Organization Retreat in Las Vegas

As a result of your direct efforts at our strategic planning retreat, I am greatly pleased in how our staff and board are discussing core issues for SCAN’s future. In one day you’ve given us enough to keep us busy for a year. You are a great resource of ideas, suggestions and connection to other helpful resources. I look forward to other ways for us to collaborate.

Marshall Parker, Executive Director, SCAN TV, Seattle, WA

College, Business Incubator & Community Classes

Maria was a guest speaker at our Stress Management seminars and because of her computer knowledge she taught computer, Internet, and several software applications courses. She also taught remote business classes to owners through the state’s Technical Development authority. She received positive and unsolicited comments from those who attended.

Nancy Blackman, Executive Director, Triangle South Enterprise Center, Business Incubator, Sandford Community College, Dunn, NC

Thanks for teaching a business class. From the very start, you took an interest in every student and showed each one how to use the material in their business. Your presentation skills included the right balance of firmness of accountability for results and understanding of how much the business owner can take on in their current situation – and you provided excellent materials and online follow-up resources they’ll use in the year to come.

Jennifer Shelton, Center Director, Washington Small Business Development Center at Edmonds Community College

I attended your class, Get Paid What You Deserve, and I’ve doubled my speaking fees and increased the prices of my products. Thank you for the great information.

Deborah Read, Speaker and ErgoFit Consulting, Seattle, WA

Radio Shows, Online Conferences, Webinars & Teleseminars

Maria delivered an outstanding interview for my listeners. She was real, energetic, fun, and passionate about business; sharing freely of her expertise to my listeners. Her interview was extremely popular with my listeners I highly recommend Maria as a guest for any show that centers on small business, sales, or empowering women to achieve their dreams.

Lynne Klippel, Executive Producer/Host, Web Sorority Talk Radio

Maria tells it like it is in straightforward, no-nonsense language. She’s so personable, that when you listen to her seminars, you feel like you’re being helped by a long-time friend. .

Carma Spence-Pothitt, CEO, Phoeniz, Arizona, Women’s Business Gallery

Maria, I got so much more out of your 1-hour program than I have gotten from multiple hours of reading and attending seminars on business planning. More programs like this would be excellent.

Monica Barnard, APA, CEBS, Barnard & Associates, Pensacola, FL

I attended your Article Marketing Program. For years I’ve submitted tons of articles that were never picked up, and here I send in the first “Top 10” I ever wrote and they pick it up!.

Jean McIntosh, Springfield, VT

I really enjoyed your class last evening. It motivated me and reinforced my commitment to make some career changes, better yet to get and stay organized and PLAN it out! While finding the job and relocating seems overwhelming, I do believe planning is key as is with any project I might manage at work.

Priscilla I. Hackney

I took Maria’s marketing class and it really moved me into action. She gave us numerous resources, tools and information beneficial to anyone starting a business. Perhaps the greatest gift, however, was giving us the wisdom that we will be the most successful if we choose the methods that fit who we are.

Shelley Dodd, Coach, Monroe, WA

The class provides an easy, quick and fun way to get to your vision. Her tips on how to capture the precise vision language are invaluable.

Alvah Parker, Coach, Parker And Associated, Swampscott, MA

Highly recommended! To my surprise, I actually generated a useful vision statement in one hour! .

Judy Schramm, Marketing Consultant, Software Company

The Integrity Day helped me to complete a task I had been dreading! The excitement of that accomplishment carried over into the following week and helped me get even more done that I had been putting off. .

Mike Valentine, Search Engine Consultant, Long Beach, California, http://seoptimism.com/

The E-zine Class was excellent! Maria really knows the material, but what impressed me most was the unsurpassed support she offers. .

Jim Powers, M.Ed., Personal and Business Coach, Results-Oriented Coaching, Boston, MA

Maria has a way of pulling together a wealth of resources to make my work go so much more smoothly. Taking her class is like getting a five-year head start on my ezine!

Suzanne Brown, Executive Development Coach, Phoenix, AZ

After taking your ezine class, we were quickly able to go from two ezines with manually maintained mailing lists to using a company’s services that automated the management. The look of both our newsletters will be different, too.

Cynthia Wingren, Director of Operations, Kitsap County Washington Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau

Maria’s course was well worth the time and expense. Within an hour after taking one course I was registered with a Web-Service, thus began my Ezine.

Alexis Brown

After attending two of your virtual seminars, I’ve been inspired to create my one-page business plan and ideal client profile. Something I heard you say made me realize that more of my energy and focus has to be placed on growing my business to the next level, which has meant, at least for a while, I’d be saying “no” to some of the high level volunteering I’d been doing. Since your classes, I have been obsessed in ramping up my business – evaluating where it is, bringing back my passion and narrowing my niche to match what my clients need. I feel a new sense of freedom since I had the revelation to serve the green and renewable energy industry where I will be able to earn a great living and contribute to saving our planet. Thank you for your time and for your inspiration!

Bonnie Bell-Ewert, Marketing Specialist, Fergus Falls, MN, CEO Bell Ewert Associates, LLC.

I experienced first-hand how you really care about “us” and are so sharing! Although I have not taken full advantage of your unlimited email follow-up to the class, it is there for me and so are you whenever needed, and that’s awesome! Thank you so much for your services made available to us and for taking the time to send such wonderful information with “Helping your business grow!.

Cynthia Guy, Business Owner

EXCELLENT class! You are truly inspiring, focused, and driven! Wow! I’ve alerted my fellow coaching buddies to enroll in your next class. Thanks again for your support, and for sharing your tremendous gift of knowledge with us all!

Diana Bertoldo, Career Coach, Boulder, CO,

I have taken several virtual seminars and have had some experience with a general coach and a recruiter coach. I really enjoyed your class and felt that you gave us solid tips rather than just philosophy!

Maureen Boehm, Owners, Recruiting Firm Owner, Des Moines, IA

Thank you! Your presentation was a very concise, useful description of the strategic planning process.

Tom Kelly, Superintendent, North Mason School District, Rotary Meeting, Belfair, WA

I got so inspired I started writing very soon after the class ended.

France Robinson, Owner West Wind Collection, Ashland

The vision class was surprisingly easy. Writing a vision statement was a fun and pleasurable experience. You can really do it in two sentences!!!! Maria’s in-depth knowledge and multitude of strategies were valuable tools for preparing individual business visions. If you lack clarity relative to where you are going in your business, Take The Vision Class!

Brenda Renrick, Business Owner, Tacoma, WA

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